🚀Pre-Launch Questions 🚀

Q: When is the launch?

A: To be announced, but normally few hours after presale finished.

Q: How do I buy?

A: After presale at the moment the only way to buy is via Pancake Swap at launch, however we will be looking to get onto more exchanges in the future.

Q: What is the contract ?

A: The ThunderBNB contract address 0xb9654A42f0F5dCDEf5617DebF8bd048E33F180E7

Q: What will the starting Market Cap be?

A: A Very rough estimate would be 1,8M Market Cap depends on the live price of BNB

Q: Will the double BNB - THOREUM rewards be auto-distributed or will it have to be claimed on the website?

A: It will be automatically distributed hourly. You can go to website to claim your amount manually at any time.

Q: Will there be a buy or sell limit?

A: Yes, every transaction limited to 0.2% of total supply.

A: Buy tax is 18%, so recommended buy slippage is 20%

Q: What is the website ?

A: www.thunderBNB.app

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