🏦Why invest in ThunderBNB?

Hold ThunderBNB in your wallet for maximizing returns on investment: invest 80% for now & 20% for long term future.

ThunderBNB is totally different from all single reflection tokens. For the first time ever, ThunderBNB has an innovative double reward reflection system using the power of 80/20 that rewarding holders in 2 tokens: 80% invest for now and mid-term, and 20% invest for long-term holding, to maximize your earnings both for now and future.

BNB - 80% for now and mid-term: BNB is now about $400 but expected to be $800 at the end of this year and potential to $2,000 (x5) in mid-term because it is the dominant decentralized exchange on the BSC with billions of volume going on everyday.

8% of transaction tax in BNB make sure that ThunderBNB holders benefit immediately from the big rewards coming from every transaction, and this can be equal to 24% when BNB price x3 in the near future.

THOREUM - 20% for long-term future, Thoreum is expected to be the next Safemoon 2.0 with many innovative features that is the first in the crypto world, such as Thor Thunder to buy back & burn with 3700+ BNB fund & increasing ~100 BNB everyday, or Thunder Boost to earn staking rewards while still getting reflection rewards, etc. With a hyper deflationary nature, Thoreum price is expected to x100 in this year and next.

2% of transaction tax for a token like Thoreum is like a long term investment and it can be equal to 200% in the long term future.

✅Unique Dual Dividends with Double Rewards:

Holding ThunderBNB means that you will receive BNB_and_Thoreum for FREE every 60 minutes.

Holding THOREUM means you will receive more THOREUM reflection automatically FOREVER!

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